Murderous Maths Box Set – To the Power of Ten


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Murderous Maths Box Set – To the Power of Ten

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Math with the laughs added in – and the boredom taken away. From freaky fractions to cunning codes, you’re in for more laughs than you can count. Beware, brave reader. In Murderous Maths, you won’t find any boring exercises or flummoxing sums. Instead, Professor Fiendish and his rotten sidekick, Chainsaw Charlie, unleash their murderous take on maths. Foul formulas. Agonising algebra. Terrible take-aways. We dare you to try it. Essential curriculum math as you’ve never seen it before Funny approach similar to the Horrible Histories series Now there’s no excuse to be afraid of learning numbers Bestselling series with great cartoons by Philip Reeveon Titles in This Set: The Phantom X Desperate Measures The Perfect Sausage and Other Fundamental Formulas Guaranteed to Bend your Brain Do you Feel Lucky? Awesome Arithmetricks Savage Shapes Guaranteed to Mash your Mind The Key to the Universe Easy Questions, Evil Answers


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