Pokemon Super Collection 15 Books Set






Pokemon Super Collection 15 Books Set

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Gotta catch ‘em all! Read all about the latest adventures with Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in the Pokemon Super Collection Series Books 1-15 Box Set by Tracey West from the bestselling adventure role-playing game. Join the beloved pokemon trainer, Ash and his friends on another action-packed adventure for the ultimate Pokémon battle. See them take on foes new and old and discover so many fantastic Pokémon by their side.Why not make reading fun with this collection of 15 books, guaranteed to keep your children entertained for hours? This collection makes for the perfect gift for fans of the well-loved franchise and readers aged 9-14. Join the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokémon – can you read ‘em all?

Pokemon Super Collection (15 Books)





1. Ash’s Big Challenge

2. Pokemon Peril

3. The Orange League

4. Scyther VS Charizard

5. Race to Danger

6. Show Time

7. Power Up Psyduck

8. The Winner』s Cup

9. The Pokemon School

10. Alolan Challenge

11. Adventure on Treasure Island

12.  Old Friends, New Battles

13. Pokemon Unknown

14. The Chikorita Challenge

15. Pokemon Colouring Fun


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