That’s Gross Science Lab


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That’s Gross Science Lab

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  • Eww—That’s Gross Science Lab includes novelty science equipment that makes learning fun!
  • Experiments look gross, smell gross, and feel gross!
  • Full-color 24-page book includes 26 experiments and loads of fun facts about chemistry.
  • STEAM focus: chemistry
  • Includes: motorized toilet bowl mixer with flushing sounds, garbage can shaker, 2 bubble beakers with 3-piece slime stand, biohazard cup, 3 gross molds (barf, maggot, centipede), worm spoon bubble wand, funnel, 24-page full-color book
  • Experiments look gross, smell gross and feels gross for hours of fun
  • Fun full color 24 page book includes 26 experiments and chemistry fun facts
  • Principles of science introduced through fun, exciting experiments
  • Use household items in these engaging experiments
  • Simple experiments are the foundation for early chemistry


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