Bear Grylls Adventure Pack (12 books)


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Bear Grylls Adventure Pack (12 books)

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The young adventurer in your life will thrill to the challenge of the Bear Grylls Adventures in this phenomenal collection of kids fiction books. Across twelve exciting titles, children are swept off into one exciting adventure after another, as they meet the youngest ever Chief Scout Bear Grylls, and are faced with true-to-life challenges and given great lessons in survival and teamwork that will prove useful long after the pages are closed.

Each fictionbook in the series features a child who, with the help of a magic compass, is swept from their adventure camp into an encounter with well-known survivalist Bear Grylls. Whether it’s up a mountain, down a river, through a jungle or on the sea, these adventures test the true mettle of these characters, and in these situations, they learn valuable life lessons that they bring back to camp with them, along with the story of a lifetime.

The Bear Grylls Adventures series is fully illustrated throughout, and they’re a great option for kids aged 9-14 with a daring streak, and who may not be otherwise keen readers. This great value collection features all twelve titles in the series, each one perfect for storing in the rucksack on a long hike, unwinding with at a campsite, or reading as you plot your next adventure.

A former trooper in the Territorial Army, Bear Grylls OBE became known worldwide for his TV series Born Survivor a.k.a. Man vs Wild. Since then, he has become an author, motivational speaker, and Chief Ambassador of World Scouting, alongside his continuing television work.