Hilo Book 10: Rise of the Cat






Hilo Book 10: Rise of the Cat

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Welcome to the Wombatton Academy of Better Magic!
Hilo’s favorite warrior-cat-friend, Polly’s adventures with Hilo have landed her in trouble! So when Polly breaks one too many rules, she gets sent to Wombatton — the magical boarding school for bad kids. But something strange is going on at Wombatton — why does everyone pick on Polly’s roommate? And why have students started disappearing? Can Polly get to the bottom of this magical mystery and reunite with Hilo and her friends on Earth?!

Full of action, humor, and lots of heart—the New York Times calls Hilo, “A story that can be enjoyed by the entire family.” Don’t miss out on the latest installment of this beloved series that kids and grownups love!


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