KLUTZ Bio Chem Creatures STEAM Lab Kit






KLUTZ Bio Chem Creatures STEAM Lab Kit

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Bio Chem Creatures

10+ Experiments with Chemical Reactions

For slime lovers, this kit offers something new that’s just as ooey and gooey! Pour neon gel that forms biopolymer blobs from the chemical reaction between sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Ten activities explore life cycles, adaptation, and traits that real animals use in the wild from tardigrades to axolotl. Create your very own blobby friends, complete with eyeballs, tentacles, mustaches, and other body parts. Keep your creatures safe in aquatic test tube terrariums.

  • 32-page book of instructions, experiments, and nonfiction content about gross real-life animals.
  • Create 6 customizable creatures with character, and keep them safe in their test tube homes.
  • Includes 10 activities that teach different stages and styles of biological development, from eggs to larvae to fully grown creatures.


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