Monkey King and the World of Myths: The Monster and the Maze






Monkey King and the World of Myths: The Monster and the Maze

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孫悟空,又名美猴王,據說是最強大的野獸。他和眾神做了一個交易。他們會滿足他最大的願望,讓他也成為神。他所要做的就是和這些怪物戰鬥,打敗邪惡,拯救世界。會出現什麽問題呢?  這個動感十足的漫畫小說系列改編自龍珠!跟著傳說中的孫悟空從一個神秘的新威脅中拯救世界,並在這個過程中闖出他在古希臘神話世界中的道路吧!

Percy Jackson meets Dragon Ball in the first book of this adorable, funny, and action-packed graphic novel series! Follow along as the legendary Monkey King tries to save the world from a mysterious new threat—and smashes his way through the world of ancient Greek mythology in the process!

A long-forgotten evil has reemerged, determined to transform everyone—humans, beasts, and gods alike—into monsters. And there’s only one being who can stop it, or at least that’s what he thinks. Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King, is said to be the mightiest of all beasts, and he’s made a deal with the gods. They will grant him his greatest wish and make him a god too. All he has to do is battle these monsters, defeat this evil, and basically save the world. What could possibly go wrong?

Wukong must first journey to Greece, where he’ll have to figure out how to escape the underworld alive, be a good pet-sitter for a three-headed dog, and ultimately find his way through a labyrinth. But when he comes face-to-face with the Minotaur, will he have what it takes to slay the monster . . . or will the Monkey King’s story end up a Greek tragedy?