Pizza and Taco: Wrestling Mania!


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Pizza and Taco: Wrestling Mania!

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Get ready to rumble with Pizza and Taco in this hilarious graphic novel chapter book! These foodie besties need to find a sport they’ll both be awesome at! Baseball? No. Soccer? Nah. Football? Maybe. Wrestling? YAAAS! These two are ready to throw down! Or at least they think they are!

Pizza’s and Taco’s moms want them to join a sports team! But nothing seems to be cutting the mustard. That is, until they spot the wrestling sign up sheet at school! Once they choose their wrestling names and create signature moves—they’re ready to become wrestling pros! Or will the exercise involved send them to the showers?

This hilarious young graphic novel—with chapters—will tickle the funny bones of kids ages 5-8 and bolster their reading confidence. It’s the perfect stepping stone for those who are transitioning to longer chapter books and graphic novels.


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