Skill Sharpeners Science – Grade 1


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Skill Sharpeners Science – Grade 1

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Build your first grader s understanding of physical, life, and earth science with this full-color activity book! Engaging reading selections, activities, and hands-on projects will motivate your child to learn science concepts that are based on the most current science standards.

The simple hands-on activities help your child understand and retain science concepts in a memorable way.

Each lesson includes reading selections and activities that focus on one science concept, covering the following first grade topics:

Physical Science


Life Science

-Animals and Eggs
-Mothers and Babies

Space and Earth Science

-Night Sky
-Our Sun

Environment and Ecology Science

-Uses of Wood
-Earth Materials

Engineering and Design


Ideal for practice at home and classroom enrichment, Skill Sharpeners: Science:

-provides practice of reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills
-offers striking photography and scientific illustrations to help children connect science to the real world
-is based on Next Generation Science Standards and state science standards
-includes an answer key