Usborne Big Subjects For Beginners


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Usborne Big Subjects For Beginners

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Usborne Big Subjects For Beginners 5 Books Collection Box Set:
Money for Beginners:

An informative introduction to the world of money, covering everything from bank accounts, earning and borrowing to government spending, taxes and inflation. With bright, infographic pictures, a detailed glossary and links to specially selected websites where you can visit a virtual bank, see money from around the world and more.
Economics for Beginners:

Nobody has everything they need, all the time – so how can we make do with what we have? Economics is all about understanding the choices we make to solve this problem. With bright, infographics pictures, this informative book describes why markets.
Business for Beginners:

Dive into the world of business with this lively introduction, whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a smarter consumer. With bright, infographic pictures, it describes how to start your own business, manage your money and beat the competition and explains global supply chains and interest rates.
Politics for Beginners:

With Brexit looming and constant political uncertainty in the UK, people are more confused by politics than ever before. Politics for Beginners answers the questions that people are afraid to ask, offering a no-nonsense guide to what politics is all about.
Philosophy for Beginners:

Philosophy is a way of thinking about just about anything. It asks big questions, such as “how can I be good?” or “what makes something beautiful?” Using lively examples, humorous illustrations and simple thought experiments, this book opens up the world of philosophy to both children and adults and includes links to recommended.


《Money for Beginners》 簡介:

內容豐富地介紹了貨幣世界,涵蓋從銀行帳戶、收入和借款到政府支出、稅收和通貨膨脹的一切。 提供色彩鮮明的資訊圖表及圖片、詳細的術語表以及專門精選網站的鏈接,您可以在其中訪問虛擬銀行、查看來自世界各地的資金等等。

《Economics for Beginners》 簡介:

沒有人總是能擁有所需的一切──那麼我們如何利用我們所擁有的一切? 經濟學就是要理解我們為解決這個問題所做的選擇。 這本內容豐富的書透過色彩鮮明的資訊圖表描述了市場的原因。

《Business for Beginners》 簡介:

無論您想成為企業家還是聰明的消費者,透過這個生動的介紹深入了解商業世界。 它透過色彩鮮明的資訊圖表描述如何創辦自己的企業、管理資金和擊敗競爭對手,並解釋了全球供應鏈和利率。

《Politics for Beginners》 簡介:

隨著英國脫歐的臨近和英國持續的政治不確定性,人們對政治比以往任何時候都更加困惑。 《Business for Beginners 》回答了人們不敢問的問題,為政治的本質提供了一本嚴肅的指南。

《Philosophy for Beginners》 簡介:

哲學是思考任何事物的一種方式。 它提出一些重大問題,例如「我怎樣才能變得優秀?」 或「是什麼讓事物變得美麗?」 本書透過生動的例子、幽默的插圖和簡單的思想實驗,為兒童和成人打開了哲學世界,並包含推薦連結。