Where’s Wally Amazing Adventures 7 Books Collection






Where’s Wally Amazing Adventures 7 Books Collection

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Titles in This Set:

1. Where’s Wally?

2. Where’s Wally Now?

3. Where’s Wally? The Fantastic Journey

4. Where’s Wally? In Hollywood

5. Where’s Wally? The Wonder Book

6. Where’s Wally? The Great Picture Hunt!

7. The Incredible Paper Chase

Where’s Wally? is a series of search and find books from British illustrator, Martin Handford. Each book is made up of incredibly intricate, double-page scenes, with the challenge to find Wally in his iconic bobble hat, round glasses and red stripy t-shirt on every page. Handford likes to make things a little tricky by adding other characters who have some (but not all!) of these elements. Where is Wally is a challenge which can take kids (and adults) a while to find! Once you start, it’s very addictive but thankfully there’s a handy, travel-sized Where’s Wally book set too.

威利在哪裡? 是英國插畫家馬丁漢德福 (Martin Handford) 創作的一系列搜尋書。 每本書都由極其複雜的雙頁場景組成,挑戰是在每一頁上找到戴著他標誌性的圓頂帽、戴著圓眼鏡和紅色條紋 T 恤的沃利。 漢德福德喜歡透過添加其他具有部分(但不是全部!)這些元素的角色來讓事情變得有點棘手。 威利在哪裡是一項挑戰,孩子(和成人)可能需要一段時間才能找到! 一旦開始,你就會很容易上癮


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